Lancaster Silo Company is a manufacturer of high compressed hammer mills.

30” or 40” Hammer mills
With 1/8” Harden hammers it will grind shelled corn
15 tons a 1/2 hour with 3/8” screen at 28% to 31% moisture with 150 HP. Tractor.
1 ton a minute with 3/8“ screen with 250 HP. Tractor.
1 ton every 4 minutes with 1/8” screen with 170 HP Tractor.
Will handle shelled corn with auger feed
and blower discharge Ideal for silos
Screen sizes 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8” & 1/2”

Conveyor Discharge
Hammer Mill
Conveyor will swing side
to side 30 degrees and
adjust up and down.
Will go up to 10 feet

Contact Information
Lancaster Parts & Equipment
2008 Horseshoe Rd
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17602
Phone: (717)400-7024
Fax: (717)299-2382


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