J.M. Wood Auction Company has been in the equipment auction business for over thirty one (31) years, specializing in construction, forestry and county surplus auctions.

Our proven method of successful auctions is based on the JM Wood Advantage... advertising and a professional staff.


We know advertising is essential to insure a quality and profitable auction. The JM Wood Advantage is chain advertising that promotes upcoming auctions through our major auction day brochures.

Our mailing list consists of over 75,000 prospective buyers, both nationally and internationally.

To meet your need for advertisement in the Southeast; we place ads in over 300 newspapers with a circulation of over 3,000,000 readers. Your company or county will benefit from our advertising program.


The J.M. Wood Auction Company Staff has years experience of auction experience. From our in-house staff to our auctioneers, we at J.M. Wood Auction Company are here to serve your needs.

If you are interested in selling trucks or equipment - whether it's one piece or an entire fleet - J.M. Wood is your answer. Tens of thousands of bidders travel to our auctions every year because J.M. Wood has a history of providing a good selection of both used and unused trucks and equipment.

Once you sign a Contract to Auction with J.M. Wood, all the details will be taken care of for you. You can focus on your normal business, as our team goes to work preparing for auction day. Contact J.M. Wood to discuss planning your next auction.

The auction company you choose represents you and your name and is responsible for collecting, holding and redistributing the proceeds of your auction.

This is why J.M. Wood Auction Company has strived to conduct orderly, well managed and strong advertised auctions all over the southeast. Contact Us For More Information About The J.M. Wood Auction Company.

Contact Information
3475 Ashley Rd
Montgomery, Alabama, 36108
Phone: (334)264-3265
or (334)264-3265
Fax: (334)269-6990

Email: russ@jmwood.com
Web: http://www.jmwood.com

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