The History of Mies Outland 1947-Mies Implement was founded in Watkins Minnesota by our grandfather, Mike Mies. John Deere was the primary supplier. 1955-Ford Automotive was added and the dealerships name changed to Mies Implement and Motor Service. Our father, Tony Mies, joined the business focusing on John Deere. Our uncle, Verlin Mies, joined the business focusing on Ford. 1965-Polaris was added to the dealership and was managed by Tony Mies. 1978-two years after the death of Mike Mies, Tony and Verlin split the business. Verlin built a new Ford dealership in Watkins. Tony remained at the original location selling John Deere and Polaris products. He changed the name to Mies Equipment. 1981-Tony built a new dealership on Hwy 55 in Watkins. The old dealership was destroyed. 1987-Steve Mies joined the business. 1992-Jeff Mies joined the business. 1993-We constructed the pre-owned machine showroom and doubled the size o fthe small engine service area. 1997-Tony and his wife, Alvina Mies, retired after 40 years of successful business. 1998-A 5,000 square foot showroom expansion was made. This expansion doubled the size and updated the Mies Equipment new display area. A storage area was also added at that time. 2004-A major builing expansion was completed. Mies Equipment changed its name to Mies Outland. Mies Outland today-Mies Outland is located on the west side of Watkins, Mn. Watkins is on Hwy 55, approximately 60 miles north west of Minneapolis and 25 miles south west of St. Cloud. Watkins has a population of 880. Steve Mies and Jeff Mies remain co-owners of Mies Outland, which employs approximately 47 people. Mies Outland is situated on 40 acres with 12 acres being a display lot. The Mies Outland facility is approximately 60,000 square feet. The building includes the following: A 30,000 square foot product showroom. Full service agricultural service department. Full service power sports service department. Two story Polaris and John Deere parts department. New product pick up area and completed customer service staging area. Two wash bays and a paint booth. Additional storage buildings.

Products & Services
We work with the following categories of farm equipment:
• Tractors • Harvesters • Harvest Equipment • Planting Equipment
• Tillage Equipment • Hay and Forage Equipment • Chemical Applicators • Other Equipment

We provide the following services:
• Rentals • Financing and Leasing • Service and Repair • Sales

Manufacturers Carried:
Manufacturers Machines Authorized Facility

Contact Information
Mies Outland
720 Hwy 55 West
Box 436
Watkins, Minnesota, 55389
Phone: (320) 838-7015
Fax: (320) 764-7900


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